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Embark on a delightful journey through Bali, a serene village on Rethymno’s northern coast, where natural beauty and Cretan charm converge.


Start at Bali Beaches, with golden sands and crystalline waters, ideal for basking in the sun and enjoying water sports. Explore Bali’s Old Town, a charming maze of white-washed buildings adorned with bougainvillea and authentic tavernas.

Ascend to elevated viewpoints for panoramic views of the Cretan Sea and hills, offering a tranquil escape to appreciate Bali’s natural beauty. Delve into Bali’s history at the Ecclesiastical Museum of Agios Ioannis, showcasing religious artifacts.

Explore the village’s maritime heritage at the Bali Maritime Museum, highlighting fishing traditions and seafaring history. Immerse in local culture at the Bali Folk Museum, displaying daily life artifacts in a traditional Cretan house.

Discover spiritual tranquility at the Agios Ioannis Cave, a small chapel nestled outside Bali. Savor Cretan cuisine at traditional tavernas, especially in the Bali Harbor area, offering a meal with a view as the sun sets.

For an active adventure, explore surrounding hills and hiking trails amid scenic backdrops. Conclude your Bali sojourn with a boat trip to secluded beaches, unveiling hidden coastal gems, perfect for water activities.

Bali in Rethymno, with pristine beaches, traditional architecture, and cultural gems, harmonizes village tranquility with the Cretan landscape. Each corner invites immersion in Bali’s authentic and serene coastal charm.